Week in review

Aiya!!! So…I missed Week 3…sorry…been super busy with multiple multi day coverage weddings which were simply put…amazing. Just catching up here so posting week 3-4 together. Happy Friday everyone!

WIR_DSCF4446///work + play with JoeeWIR_DSCF4444/// waitingWIR_DSCF4563/// chimping + SDE’ingWIR_DSCF4471/// walkWIR_DSCF4480/// walkWIR_DSCF4486/// walkWIR_DSCF4479/// work + playWIR_DSCF4454/// workWIR_DSCF4448/// lightWIR_DSCF4434/// work – a quick frame from one of my indian weddingsWIR_DSCF4437/// walk WIR_DSCF4375/// walkWIR_DSCF4374///work + play with Kevin Lam.WIR_DSCF4363/// paintWIR_DSCF4336///restWIR_DSCF4354

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