Week In Review #5


Week in review is suppose to be less words more images but I can’t help but write a little more this week since I am writing a little about my  talented friend Nancy who’s mural has been installed in Downtown Markham for display. You can also vote for your favourite piece (I would pick her’s of course, but that’s just me) here. When she shared the news that her mural was up, I suggested that we did a quick shoot with it as it’s not often that you see the artist behind the work. Here are a few quick images. For more on her work, check out her website here
WIR_DSCF4491WIR_DSCF4547WIR_DSCF4550WIR_DSCF4559WIR_DSCF4561///RainWIR_DSCF4584///compare – iphone nutsWIR_DSCF4589///PlayWIR_DSCF4592///CrowdWIR_DSCF4609/// WalkWIR_DSCF4628/// UpWIR_DSCF4633/// DownWIR_DSCF4635

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