Week in review.

So being a photographer can be as much fun as it is challenging.

Whether it be your pets, your friends, your food or life experiences, it’s fun, for instant gratification you get after having created an image after a simple tap on the shutter.

Challenging when you want to create something more, see something differently that you did not see before. A new angle, perspective, a new way to look at light maybe.

I have tried doing a photo a week in the past and it did not last. It may be the tools, or just lack of motivation but here I go again. It’s my goal to post a single image (setting the bar low people) or a series of images (for those amazing days) from the week and post them up every Friday. If there’s an image I can’t wait to share, I may post it on my Tumblr page or the book face but it will come up here on the blog as well.

Why Friday? Well as a wedding photographer, my Friday is your Sunday, the beginning of the week for me. So…that’s the story behind that. Very elaborate huh? No it’s not because today just happens to be a Friday.

There are a couple of old ones that were not taken this week so sorry about that. Will do better next Friday.

Hope you enjoy, have a great weekend!



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