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The above image is a repost…but goes to what this is about…working the shot.

THE SHORT: For those who prefer to read twitter like lines, this post is about spending more than 30 seconds to create an image.

THE LONG: For those who don’t mind my ramblings…here we go. Other than blogging about my couples and random stuff, very rarely do I blog anything personal. Now, that’s not to say that I will spill the story about my life to you but I wanted to share with the internet stuff that I have learned/stuff that interests me. Of course, the following is photography related (yes, I love photography that much).

While I edit, or do album designs, I always prefer to be plugged in. Either music, tv shows or youtube just playing in the background helps me focus.

While working on some edits today, I came across this old video by photographer and great teacher Scott Kelby. He was talking about composition, and not in a boring way. To me at least…

As a full time photographer, let me tell you that it’s hard to travel. The question is not so much whether I take a camera as it is which camera, which lenses? Keeping in mind of course, I this is not a photo trip, I want to enjoy my vacation without lugging around 20+lbs of equipment. Crap…I digress…(by now you know I do this a lot)

The whole talk that Scott shared was about working for the shot. This is not a new concept but  is lost in this day and age of instagram where almost any crappy photo can be revived with a simple effect (yes, I am guilty of this too). With that said, he goes through some of his travel photos and how he works the shot. I like how he shows his failed attempts, all the way to making the final shot. Not many professional photographers show  this and I appreciate it.

I hope when Lucy and I go on our honeymoon that I can put this to good use and come back with some great images.

In any case, I feel that I am at the cusp where I begin to ramble beyond what I initially thought for this post…so here is the video if you have an hour to listen and learn.

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