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Hi! I’m Kevin.

I am a local wedding photographer specializing in wedding photography and visual storytelling based in Toronto, Canada.

To me chemistry is the most important thing about choosing a photographer and it plays a crucial role in what I do. Think about the feeling you get when you just know something goes together. Popcorn at the movies. Wine and cheese. Simply put, you feel the most comfortable when you know something fits. That’s the feeling I want you to have when we work together.

If this sounds like the experience you're looking for, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to meet up!


Words of Appreciation

"...we knew we had to have him as our wedding photographer..."

Stephanie & Chuck

"Our wedding would not have been complete-or as perfect-without you."

Neha & Vivek

"you were there not just as a wedding photographer but also as a friend..."

Jasmine & Adhir

"...WE LOVE YOU! Abe and I had THE best time shooting with you on our wedding day. You made sure I was calm all day and I can't thank you enough for that!"

Jenn & Abe

"His commitment to his couples is unparalleled in the industry..."

Suzanne & Mark

"Kevin's ability to capture the essence of an intimate moment is uncanning. As we look back on our album, we can literally feel all the emotions and joy behind each photo..."

Dhiren & Pooja

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