My name is Kevin Fung, and I’m an experienced photographer specializing in weddings based out of Toronto, Canada. I consider myself a visual storyteller with a passion for highlighting the chemistry of my clients to create an unforgettable experience. My goal is to make my clients comfortable and at ease right from the get-go. To do that, we’ll need to get to know each other a little bit.

How about I go first?

About seven years ago, I was working as an official shutterbug for the Ontario government. While rewarding in its own right, I became interested in wedding photography and began pursuing it on the weekends. As my day job had me covering election campaigns and following foreign dignitaries around (like the Queen of England!), it was my work on the weekends that I was the most excited about. Today, wedding photography is my full-time career. And while I’m not usually one to talk about myself, I’ve learned that it’s actually really important when it comes to working together to create memories out of authentic intimate moments. The reason? Chemistry.

Chemistry is the most important thing about choosing a photographer and it plays a crucial role in what I do. Think about the feeling you get when you just know something goes together. Whether it’s popcorn at the movies or wine and cheese at home, when you know something fits, there’s an undeniable sense of comfort. That’s the feeling I want you to have when we work together.

There are a lot of things that go into planning a wedding. My aim is to make at least this part as effortless as possible! While I’ll be there to capture every moment on the day of your wedding, the experience begins the minute we agree to work together.

I want my clients to know that when we do work together, I’m doing everything I can to deliver exceptional work while forging a relationship that will leave me inspired, and you feeling as comfortable as possible during your most intimate moments.

So, how about you? What excites you about your wedding and how do you see these images telling your own, once-in-a-lifetime story? If you’re interested in hearing more about my work and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you! Kevin

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